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Home is the most important place in the world. Simple, modern and minimalist or something a little more traditional, it's where you express your personality. Furnishing and decorating your home is always fun. Head to pricedetective.net and search for the Home section to create your perfect place.
Revamp your home at pricedetective.net
You might be starting from scratch, having a makeover or just need some new furniture, soft furnishings or kitchen appliances. Maybe your home decoration has got a little dated. Spruce up your décor, create ambience with new lamps, add some art to your walls or find some unique crafts to use as ornaments, all at :host. In the Home section, you will discover everything you need to turn your house or appartment into a welcoming home to be proud of. Browse and compare everything from furniture and bedding to beautiful items for your living room and bathroom. Our filters are easy to use and let you pinpoint exactly what you want.
One stop shopping for furniture and appliances
To find bedding, lights, furniture and appliances, all in one place, visit pricedetective.net. It's the perfect place to compare millions of products from thousands of online shops. No more going from store to store, relax at home and easily browse using our filters. In the Home category, you will find products clearly displayed with all the information you need to make a great choice. Have a look at reviews provided by customers of our shopping partners to help you make up your mind. You can easily select the price range you're looking for. This intuitive price comparison site makes shopping fun and easy. Make a style statement in your home with pricedetective.net.
How can you transform your Garden?
Whether you're an avid gardener with a vast country spread or whether you have a small patch near your apartment, you'll find creating a great garden easy when you can choose everything you need quickly and easily. From digging and excavating equipment to colorful plants and garden ornaments, there is more choice than ever on the pricedetective.net Garden sections.
Get the garden you want with no fuss
With access to some of the world's leading brands at pricedetective.net, you can be sure of finding just what you need to design your perfect garden. Those with a larger garden are spoiled for choice at the Garden section, and can choose from a terrific range of plants, ornamental fixtures and fountains. Perhaps you'd like a romantic garden but worry that you don't have room? Try planting roses in various shades of red or pink in pretty pots and containers. Solar lights are an excellent way to create a specific look or mood in your garden or balcony, and there are designs to complement both rural and urban settings all in the Garden category.
Begin with the basics
Of course, any garden involves some basic spade work, and you'll find all the tools and implements you require right here in the Garden section. Choose forks and spades for larger areas, or pick small forks and trowels for petite gardens or planters. It's so much easier to get down to the basic hard work when you're dressed for the job, so be sure to take a look at the great range of gardening aprons, gloves and jackets in the Garden category, too.